Wells & Septics

We’ll Thoroughly Check Your Well & Septic System

If you’re buying or selling a home in a rural West Michigan area, the odds are good that is has a well and a septic system and isn’t connected to a centralized sewer system. More than 1 in 5 U.S. households rely on some kind of septic system and over 15 million homes rely on a private well for drinking water, according to the EPA. During our well and septic inspection, our inspector will check its construction and compliance and will test the water system and check it for pressure and volume. Other things we’ll inspect are:

  • The pumping equipment
  • The condition of the drainfield
  • The presence of bacteria, nitrates, and arsenic
  • The septic tank itself
  • Well and Septic Inspection (Coliform and Nitrate Test Included)
  • Dig Tank Lids (Homeowner can save money if they dig their own lids)
  • Well and Septic Inspection (Water Test not included)
  • Well Inspection (No Labs)
  • Well Inspection w/ Labs
  • Septic Inspection
  • Drawing and Measurements
  • Lead Test (During Well & Septic Inspection)
  • Lead Test
  • PFA’s Water Testing
  • Water Samples Only (Basic 4 part Test)
  • Map Drawing

Have Your Well & Septic Inspection Done Sooner Rather Than Later

A well inspection is a process that evaluates the condition and functionality of a well and its components to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. It is typically performed by a licensed professional such as a well inspector or water well contractor, who will examine the well’s structural integrity, water flow, pressure, and quality, as well as the condition of pump and other components, check against regulations and provide a written report. Regular well inspections are important to ensure the well is providing safe drinking water and to identify and address potential problems.

If you’re buying or selling a home in West Michigan, many counties require a health department inspection before a sale can close. Even if your county doesn’t require an inspection, most lenders will require one. If not, you as a buyer or seller should to protect yourself. Our certified, experienced inspectors will provide you with a thoroughly documented report for your peace of mind.