Mold & Fungi

Does the Property You’re Buying Have Mold or Fungi

With the damp spring and fall weather, and the frequent thaws during winter, mold and fungi can cause problems for West Michigan homes and commercial buildings. All mold is fungi, but not all fungi is mold. Our certified inspectors are well versed in the similarities and differences, and experienced in checking for mold and fungi problems. Often, mold and fungi is visible, but many times, they grow where you can’t see them. Some common situations where a mold & fungi inspection is recommended:

  • When there’s been water damage from a leaky roof or flooded basement
  • Purchasing a new home where you don’t know if water damage has occurred
  • If a house has been unoccupied and closed for a long period of time
  • After a mold problem has been remedied, regular mold inspections to make sure the treatment was completely successful
  • When you can see visible mold in bathrooms, the basement structure, the attic, or walls, inside or out.

We’re Experts at Finding Mold and Fungi

Our certified professional inspectors have years of experience in checking for any mold or fungi problems that may have occurred in West Michigan homes or commercial buildings. They know how to identify the various mold or fungi common to our area and will provide you with a complete report on the extent of any mold or fungi problems and the steps necessary to remedy them.