We offer a full array of exceptional inspection services covering a dozen different types of inspections and provide you with complete, comprehensive, easy-to-understand report.


Our certified, expert inspectors will conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection of all the key components of your building’s structure.


We will examine every aspect of your home or commercial building’s foundation and check for any problems, their causes, and repairs that may be needed.

Site & Grounds

We provide a complete site and grounds inspection service for all residential and commercial properties in West Michigan.

Roofs & Attics

Our fully licensed and trained inspectors will conduct a complete inspection of your roof and attic space to ensure its integrity.

Electrical Systems

Our certified, experienced inspectors will provide a thorough electrical inspection to be sure there are no issues with the wiring or electrical components.


The plumbing in a house is an important part of its overall structure, just as important as a secure roof, and a sound electrical system. We’ll inspect it thoroughly.


We’ll provide a complete and comprehensive HVAC inspection of the heating and cooling system in any property you’re buying or selling.

Mechanical Systems

Our fully trained, licensed, and experienced mechanical inspectors will conduct a complete and detailed mechanical systems inspection.


Our professional, certified pest inspection will cover such things as termites and other wood destroying insects, mice, rats, cockroaches, and more.


Our certified experienced inspectors can identify a variety of hazards in West Michigan homes and commercial buildings such as radon, carbon monoxide, fire hazards & more.

Mold & Fungi

Our certified inspectors are well trained and experienced in checking for mold and fungi problems in West Michigan residential and commercial buildings.

Wells & Septic

Our inspector will check your well and septic system’s construction and compliance and will test the water system for pressure and volume along with other critical checks. 

sewer scope icon

Sewer Scopes

This method can assist in identifying any possible concerns, such as clogs, cracks, or other damage, that may cause trouble in the future.