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Quality Inspection Services

Stone River Home Inspections is a licensed and insured  local company, proudly serving West Michigan.  We are delighted to help ensure your peace of mind when purchasing your new home  or selling your current one.
  1. Residential Home
  2. Commercial
  3. Comprehensive
  4. Radon
Certified Home Inspection Services
  1. Structures
    Free standing structures, building support systems
  2. Foundations
    Soils, floors, concrete
  3. Roofs & Attics
    Roofs & Attics
    Roof, ventilation, siding materials, windows, doors, caulking, gutters/downspouts, decks
  4. Electrical Systems
    Electrical Systems
    Service supply, distribution, main/sub panels, outlets, switches, GFCI testing, grounding
  5. Plumbing
    Water supply, distribution piping, water heaters, fuel supply, drain/waste/vent piping, sinks, fixtures, water flow/pressure
  6. Mechanical Systems
    Mechanical Systems
    Built- In Appliances and Systems
  7. Heating & Cooling
    Heating & Cooling
    HVAC, types, components, size, fuels, condition, functionality, approximate age, distribution, ventilation
  8. Site & Grounds
    Site & Grounds
    Sidewalks, driveway, garage, patios, drainage/grading, fences, retaining walls
  9. Pools & Spas
    Pools & Spas
    & saunas
  10. Hazards
    Gas leaks, radon, mold, CO2, and other environmental concerns
  11. Pests
    Mice, termites, and more
  12. Mold and Fungi
    Mold and Fungi
    Testing, recommendations and remedies
Satisfied Customers
  1. Rob May
    I had a home inspected by Harrison. He was very thorough, and took his time inspecting the house. I was worried about some of the issues he found. He took the time to explain everything and eased my mind. We now have our dream house! Thank you so much!
  2. Tricia Trute - Muskegon
    Harrison was very detailed in checking everything throughout the house. Very knowledgeable and helpful with how to fix small issues with the home. Prompt and efficient with everything. Highly recommended him.
  3. Ashlee Sodini - Muskegon
    Harrison is the best. He's prompt, knowledgeable, and stays in great communication with his clients before, during and after his services!
  4. Ryan Mylenek - Norton Shores
    Harrison conducted a very thorough inspection on our prospective home. He is very well spoken and very nice and informative on the fixes that he finds for your home. His home inspection reports are very detailed, with picture notations of issues or just the item itself. Would I recommend him for your home inspection!? Absolutely! I look forward to working with him more in the future!
  5. Haley Hepfer
    Great to work with and very knowledgeable! Took the time to explain all the questions we had! Would recommend!