Site & Grounds

Complete Site & grounds Inspection

We provide a complete site and grounds inspection service for all residential and commercial properties in West Michigan. Our licensed and experienced inspectors will check the following areas to ensure the safety and integrity of the property:

  • Walkways for cracks, tripping hazards
  • Driveway for chips, cracks, leveling issues
  • Patio for cracks, unevenness, tripping hazards
  • Step and stoops for wear, structural soundness, handrail integrity
  • Landscape for proper grading to prevent damage to the home’s foundation
  • Trees to make sure there are no rotten trunk or falling limb hazards

We Provide Timely Inspections

Because the successful completion of a real estate transaction often depends on the completion of any property inspections, our certified and seasoned inspectors will conduct your site & grounds inspection on a timely basis and provide you with a full, written report generated the same day after completion.