Heating & Cooling

Get a Professional Heating & Cooling Inspection

As a fully licensed and insured home inspection company in West Michigan, we’ll provide you with a complete and comprehensive HVAC inspection of the heating and cooling system in any house you’re buying or selling. We’ll check to see that every component and every electrical system in the home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is in good working order. Our HVAC inspection will include:
  • The thermostat calibration
  • Examining your duct system
  • An electrical system inspection that includes contacts, wiring, relays, and capacitors
  • Inspection of the outdoor disconnect, condenser, fan motor, and blades
  • Checking for aging or any improperly sized appliances
  • Inspecting the evaporator coil and condensate drain
  • Any other safety checks needed

A Complete Heating/Cooling Inspection Saves Money

With the long, cold winters and hot summer in West Michigan, the heating and cooling system in a home is critically important. Our certified professionals are expertly trained and experienced in all facets of a thorough and complete HVAC inspection. They will check every component and identify any problems or repairs that might be needed, all documented in an easy-to-read report which you’ll receive same day of the completed inspection.